The Woman Who Hasn’t Cleaned Her House For 20 Years Thanks To An Invention She Made

How many people have not dreamed of being able to clean their entire house with the push of a button? I think this has been the dream and desire of many women and men who for years have had to spend long hours cleaning every corner of the house, because this pleasant and ingenious woman found the solution to that problem.

For more than 20 years, she stopped worrying about keeping her entire house impeccable and smelly, this Frenchwoman named Gabe invented and installed a whole system perfectly designed in her house so that, with the click of a button, it would be clean in less than an hour. .

«This idea came up when my children were covering all the walls with strawberry jam, I panicked, I was furious and with the hose I decided to wet the whole wall, without caring about anything. It was there that I told myself that this would be the solution to all my problems.

After 10 years of hard work, the entire installation was ready.

In each room Mrs. Gabe had an umbrella at hand, this because some sprinklers were installed on the ceiling that first sprayed a kind of soap, then enough water to remove all the soap and to culminate with the cycle a jet of hot air.

In this way, in less than 1 hour, the whole house was impeccable and without much effort.

Drains large enough for all the soapy water to flow out of the house without any problem were installed on the floor, and it was channeled out of the house. No conventional house with wooden furniture and floors could withstand all this. But Gabe ‘s house was perfectly designed.

The floors were covered with varnish, the furniture was stainless iron, the bed was covered with a raincoat, the books and ornaments were kept protected on glass shelves before the cleaning cycle began.

“I just wanted to make life easier for women, no matter how independent and liberal they think they are, the fact that they have to spend long hours of their days on their knees cleaning continues to make them slaves to the system.”

It’s important to note that Mrs. Gabe died at the age of 101 and her house was sold to a buyer who didn’t have enough money to do all the maintenance the plumbing required, so all of Gabe ‘s ingenuity was left to chance. past and in the memory of those people who had the joy of seeing with their own eyes the operation of the self-cleaning house.

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