11 Photos That Show The Unluckiest People Ever

There are many people who are unlucky and try to keep their luck straight. But they still keep running out of it. There are also people who are so misfortunate that even embarrassment makes them a sense of feeling. We all have a face that even once in this life.

Here are 11 photos that show the unluckiest people ever.

Who cares for the Ex-President?

You may have dreamed of candidly running into the president. Even this man did it, he was dreaming about something else when the ex-president visited him. But, the ex-president and his officials had a good laugh and a nice photograph with this sleeping man.

Catch the cake!

We hate seeing someone wastes cakes as we are cake lovers. What will happen if someone drops it on the floor, it’s the 5-second rule.

Could have, should have, would have…

Online shopping is not what we exactly see; see this poor thing, if only it were what it looked like on the site.

Hold that pose for the camera

These ladies couldn’t have looked better in that picture. But, unfortunately, see what happens, the camera shutter was prompt to capture that tragic moment.

Let’s swap

Snapchat helps you to add new features and here it’s scarier than ever. You can swap facial features and shock others.

Carrying that extra weight

You should be careful when you step out somewhere in a rush, whether you’re carrying something extra weight.

Not so perfect shot

The excess ambition can be sometimes dangerous. He may have thought to get the good shot, but before his camera capture any; he got one straight at him.

Not even the food will spare us

Adulterated food is so common that we’re all skeptical about the things we consume. Just see how toxic substance this person almost had in the name of good taste.

Bad luck or simply malicious?

This is a rare situation that just your number is missed. Maybe it’s a vindictive plan on their part.

In your face!

It’s very dangerous to see a sports activity as you never know what’s going to hit you where. Don’t laugh at this, as may be the next chance is yours.

A grand mess

This will take forever to get cleaned. And just think about the smell that’ll stay after the truck is gone.

via – trulymind.org

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