The Story Of Brendan Fraser, An Actor With A Difficult Fate, Who Is Loved By All Today.

He went from having a successful career to oblivion due to a strong problem with the medium
At the turn of the millennium, Brendan Fraser was one of the actors with the brightest future ahead of him. It was around those dates that he acted in “The Mummy” and in ” George of the Jungle”, however, due to a strong problem , he suddenly disappeared. Today he returns brighter than ever and his fans, who always loved him, couldn’t be happier about it.

The actor was born in the United States, under the name of Brendan James Fraser. His mother was a sales consultant and his father worked as a Foreign Service employee. In 1990 Brendan graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and moved to Hollywood to try his hand at show business. However, before his career took off, he held various jobs. He was even a juggler at a mall.

The first major production in which he participated was “The Man from California.” Tape where the adventures of a Neanderthal who remained frozen in the ice until he was discovered and transported to Los Angeles are told, there he would live endless adventures to adapt to society (Does the plot sound familiar?). His critical rating was terrible, however the works were arriving. He participated in “Code of Honor”, “Cliffheads” and “The Passion of  Darkly Noon “.

It was in 1997 when this actor, then 28 years old,  had his moment of glory.  The “George of the Jungle” movie, where the story of a “Tarzan” style is told, who is a man who does not know the customs of society, as we know it, has to learn to adapt to them. This feature film reached  a sum of 174 million dollars in collection.

For that role, Fraser had to get very fit to what the actor joked, or at least it seemed, saying that  “I look at myself and I only see a walking steak” . In the recordings  , the actor was the one who carried out his action scenes  and even had some injuries while taking some shots:  “Once I was raised to a height of 18 meters, from where I had to descend at a speed of 48 km / h.”

He did a couple more performances, like in the movie “Gods and Monsters.” However, the tape “George de la Selva” opened the doors to her most memorable performance to date. In 1999 Stephen Sommers was looking for his main actor for the movie “The Mummy”, offering the role to Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and even Ben Affleck, however they  gave up the search when they saw Fraser’s tape as George .  Brendan was the one to play Rick O’Connell. The tape became an instant hit.

Fraser’s role challenged the hegemonic roles of the time  that showed a cold, calculating protagonist who does not show his emotions. In O’Connell’s case, the character was a living person, just like you and me, full of real emotions and who would have done nothing without her co-star Rachel Weisz. After this enormous success, she participated in other films such as  Monkeybone,  in 2001, being a total failure at the box office or “To the Devil with the Devil” a year before (2000) having mixed reviews about her performance.

In 2001 he returned as the protagonist, in “The Mummy Returns” having an excellent collection but receiving criticism from both ends. Some praised it while others would have preferred never to have seen it. From there Fraser would never recover. She was in the movie « Looney Tunes : Back in Action », a kind of spiritual sequel to the great « Space Jam », despite having thousands of negative reviews.


During those years Brendan had an altercation with a senior manager in Hollywood that affected him, both emotionally and professionally, he  suffered harassment from the manager . The actor went into a depression that completely distanced him from the cinema. However, the third part of “The Mummy” had begun filming and seemed to promise a lot for him. However Brendan was seriously injured during the recordings.

The actor had to attend therapy and operations on his knees, spine and vocal cords for 7 years.  This was either what triggered his weight gain which did not help his depression situation. This film also caused the cancellation of the project and its subsequent restart, this time by Tom Cruise. The reason was the terrible criticism of the film due to the change of location, of the actress and in general the poor reception of the public, although it did generate good box office.

Something similar happened with another of Brendan’s great films, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, it was a success, but Fraser’s performance was not possible in its sequel because he said that  “I am only going to work with director Eric Brevig» , who could not be present for the second part due to scheduling problems with another project. That is why in the second part we have the performance of Dwayne Johnson as the protagonist.

From then on, due to his “block” by the executive and his depression, Fraser was only acting in series and movies with a moderate budget, and not always in starring roles. Recently this started to change.

Since Brendan  has opened up publicly about the bullying he suffered  and his performance in “Trust” and “Not a False Step,” his popularity has returned. Today the actor is 52 years old and has projects on the horizon such as “Los Asesinos de La Luna de las Flores”, where he will work with big stars in Hollywood again. “I am going to work with Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. I’m a little nervous about it.” Also the film “The Whale” by Darren Aronofsky, where he will have the main role playing an overweight person.

His longtime fans celebrate this resurgence of Brendan’s career, and they have expressed it on networks and in videos where he appears. They applaud the positive attitude that the actor shows even his colleagues on set praise him with gifts and details every time they get the opportunity. Brendan is undoubtedly an actor that the public remembers very fondly despite the bad roles he has played in the past.

Do not leave without sharing the story of this great actor who is back. Did you miss him? Let us know in the comments!

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