Artist Marco Melgrati Illustrated The Sad Truth Of Modern Life (30 Pics)

Sometimes we lose track of what’s really important as so much things happening around. It becomes even harder with constant media cover-ups and distractions. But, there are some artists who still dedicate their work to remind us of the social issues we often forget.

Medellin, Colombia-based artist, Marco Melgrati creates thought-provoking illustrations that perfectly capture the sad truth of modern life. The artist deals with many topics that are perfectly matching with day-today lives such as global warming, obsession with social media, and economic inequality. You can enjoy the Marco’s illustrations in the gallery below

#1 Hang On

#2 Power, Justice, Propaganda

#3 Keep Your Cool, No Matter What

#4 “Current Account: A Voluntary Offer To Maintain Your Bank.” Ambroise Bierce, The Devils Dictionary

#5 One Love

#6 Femme Fatal

#7 The Cave

#8 It’s A Tough World Out There!

#9 Victorias Secret Angels Beauty Stereotype

#10 Too Smart?

#11 No Limit

#12 A Surreal Morning

#13 Evolution

#14 Halloween

#15 “Political Correctness Is Fascism Pretending To Be Manners” – George Carlin

#16 Dinner At Your Place

#17 The Importance Of Cognitive Emotions And Social Skills In Kids’ Development

#18 Verified Some Things Never Change

#19 Sexual Harassment By A Ceo On Female Employees, Taking Advantage Of His Powerful Position

#20 On Top And Bottom

#21 The Aliens

#22 Passion

#23 The Rise Of The Huge Teenager And Students Movement For Gun Control And Against NRA

#24 Modern Times

#25 Thaiger

#26 Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

#27 Porno Addiction Can Cause A Lack Of Sexual Desire In Real Life

#28 Night Surfer

#29 The Lesson Of Anatomy

#30 Where The Elephants Roam

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