The Most Tattooed Woman In Europe Regrets Her Choice And Decides To Backtrack: “I Missed My Face”

Many people think of their body as a canvas on which they can imprint images: tattoos. The latter have a very long tradition, each sign can have a specific meaning, or be chosen simply because you always want to have a beautiful design with you.

However, in some cases, it can happen that after a tattoo, you regret your choice and want to go back. At this stage, we will try by all means to erase these drawings printed on the skin. This is exactly what happened to the woman we are going to tell you about who, tired of seeing her tattooed face , chose to remove the artwork that covered it.


The woman’s name is Lidia Reyes, a 32-year-old Catalan, but above all she is a known figure in the world of tattoos, so much so that she had managed to become the most tattooed woman in Europe, she was everything close to becoming the first in the world. This goal, however, did not seem to satisfy her to the point that she decided to back off.

Now the drawings had covered his entire face. So she chose to remove almost all of them so she could see her face again . There are, in fact, erasing techniques that make it possible to find the skin as it was before.

“I’ve embarked on a path that will lead me to remove the tattoos on my face because I’ve had enough of them, not because I don’t like them or they’re ugly. I love them, but i miss my face from before.i wont remove them all,only 95% of the tattoos on my face moment, I’m tired of looking so full.”


Lidia chose to leave some tattoos above her eyebrows. The one thing she can’t erase, however, is the eyeball tattoo, the red color of her eyes.

“I liked all my tattoos, otherwise I would not have done them. The removal technique gives excellent results. I can finally see my face again, hidden by the drawings. The ones I erase here, I will put them anywhere else on my body, no problem. All tattoos have special meaning to me.”

What do you think of this woman’s choice?

source used  europafm

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