The Most Hilarious Side Of Nature? These 15 Comedy Wildlife Awards Finalist Photos Are Proof Of It.

When we think of professional photos of natural elements, we certainly think of “perfect” images, the result of hours and hours of work and carefully studied positions, typical of documentaries, specialized sites, and magazines.

But this is not always how we can immortalize nature and the extraordinary creatures that inhabit it. We realize this every year when the finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards are announced, which not only address issues related to the protection of the environment and wildlife but also make us laugh out loud. The reason? Just look at the snaps we’ve rounded up below, or those shared on the contest’s official channels, to see why. The photographers in the competition manage to capture wild animals in hilarious poses, in which they almost seem to imitate us, or want to tell us something. Are you ready to discover them?

#1. Hey, what are you looking at? There’s nothing to photograph here!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

This starling caught by Andrew Mayes in South Africa does not seem to be in the mood!

#2. What was so funny?

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

Looks like this baby seal with a very human expression is giggling. Who knows what he saw! The photo was taken by Martina Novotna.

#3. The dance of the monkeys

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

This langur seems to really know about dance! The photo is by Sarosh Lodhi.

#4. In the absence of other means of transport, we do what we can …

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

Looks like the monkey, immortalized by Dirk-Jan Steehouwer, is riding the giraffe!

#5. I really don’t want to do anything today …..

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

Doesn’t he seem to be thinking exactly about those words? The photo was taken by Anita Ross.

#6. Over there, towards the Pole!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

Even with penguins, you can get lost …

#7. He does not seem very happy to be photographed.

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

The author of the photo, Gurumoorthy K., certainly knows something about it …

#8. A bad luck day?

This pigeon must have thought that autumn was coming when this leaf stuck to him! John Speirs stumbled upon this scene.

#9. I’ll get you out of here!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

This baby otter doesn’t seem very happy with what his mother is doing … The photo is by Chee Kee Teo.

#10. Are we a bit cramped in there?

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

#11. Hello, here I am!

“I was photographing a group of ducks when one of them broke away from the group. He hid behind the foot of a bench for a few seconds before sticking out his little head to greet me,” says Charlie Page , author of the photo.

#12. A jump that aroused great amazement among his admirers!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

The photo was taken by Chu han lin.

#13. An expression that speaks for itself!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

“It really looked like this crested wren knew I was following him, he suddenly turned and looked at me like that,” commented Patrick Dirlam, who shared the photo.

#14. David vs. Goliath

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

A restless moment between these two animals, captured by Arthur Trevino.

#15. A really … amused snake!

image credit: comedywildlifephoto/Instagram

Aren’t these photos amazing? Like every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards offer us a fresh look at nature!


 The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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