The Most Beautiful Coffee Shop On The Planet Is In Hungary

Spending some time in a nice cafeteria is always a good way to be with you, to get to know yourself or also to be in the company of others while you drink a delicious drink or eat a delicious dessert. Perhaps it is for this reason that when you travel somewhere in the world you always choose small and attractive places that totally surprise you.

In Budapest, Hungary there is a quite famous cafe called Café Nueva York, created in 1894 and with a fame that precedes it by receiving Hungarian writers, artists and revolutionaries who continually attended to be in a relaxed, luxurious and reflective environment.

From the first moment you cross the glass doors of the place, you can clearly see why this cafeteria is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Decked out in gold, white marble and red velvet, the café spares no expense in displaying opulence inspired by the impressive palaces of the Habsburg dynasty.

It is currently part of the Hotel Boscolo Budapest although since its founding by an insurance company whose name inherited the cafe, the place has remained one of the most expensive places in the country.

About the service there is not much to talk about, since it has always been an example of courtesy and elegance, about its food, despite the price, it is incredible to enjoy its drinks and sweets; They have a selection of Hungarian cakes that will surprise the most exquisite palate.

The experience itself should captivate you from the first moment, which is why you should visit Budapest whenever you can, not only to enjoy a delicious and inexpensive coffee, but also to soak up the culture and history of one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Hungary and Europe.

In case you want other recommendations, you can also visit Café Gerbeaud, founded in 1858 and known for its impressive Art Nouveau decoration and its cakes; or if you are looking for something more ancient you can go to the Café Ruszwurm from 1827, famous for its cozy atmosphere and its selection of homemade cakes.

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