The Love Of Your Life Will Come After The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life

I know the pain you have. I know how much your soul hurts. It’s not easy to overcome the heartbreaks as they are terrible and dreadful loses. We will no longer know how to make a difference between reality and our fears when they put us in an emotional abyss so deep.

When you fell for him, you undressed your soul in front of him and gave him the key to your deepest and darkest secrets. You started the relationship thinking that he would love you the same way that you do.

You knew that your love was stronger than his love. But you still believe him and thought that he would learn how pure your love is and start treating you better.

But, you were wrong. He didn’t change. He was the same person like before. He wasn’t worthy of your love. Even though he wasn’t busy, he never bothered to make time for you. He ignored your feelings and never cared for them and never saw a future with you beside him.

As you were unable to identify these red lights, you fell into his trap.

You gave everything you have thinking that he truly cares for you. At last, you ended up paying the price for being a fool in love.

Listen to me. You’re lost right now, and you can’t see the light at the end of that dark tunnel, this doesn’t mean that there is no hope for you.

At the moment you’ve loved and you’ve lost. That is the most painful think in this world. But you are still alive. So, there is a little fire inside your heart that keeps on burning no matter how hopeless you feel. It’s a small light that helps you persevere.

Don’t think that you won’t experience love again because you’ve been broken before. They say, after the rain comes the rainbow. The love of your life will come after the mistake of your life. So, have faith as the future has amazing things in store for you. And remember not to give up.

One day you are going to meet the love of your life and there will be no questions every once you had. Once you meet the correct person, you will understand why it never worked out with someone people. Everything will be out in the open and clear.

This person will heal your pains. He will help you rise again and be the best version of you. He will be patient with you. He will understand you. He will love you with every imperfection of yours. And also he will show you that everything in life happens for a reason.

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