The Four Elements of True Love, According to Buddhism

In the modern day world, Love is very complicated and very confusing sometimes, but you have the ability to look at it in a simplified way if you look at it from a Buddhist perspective!

Love can be extremely complicated for some people, but it is simple at the same time! Love is a very simple subject, but people have complicated it beyond belief. Nobody appreciates love these days. They really don’t know what they want through love. If they are not satisfied with their partner, they are used to abuse each other until they find a new one to move on.

These days most people are struggling with love and which is completely understandable! They just completely destroy the point of love. It is very hard to find someone who is real. Most of them are cunning, selfish and manipulating. You can get rid of all the issues if you look at it from a Buddhist perspective!
According to Buddhism there are only 4 components of true love,

1. Maitri

‘Maitri’ is the component that shows love and kindness. Everyone has to get the chance to find a true love and share the happiness with someone else. You will make your partners life a happy place and will do anything to help them out. You won’t do anything for credit.

2. Karuna

‘Karuna’ is compassion. You will always relate yourself to others needs, feelings and desires. It is the desire of minimizing sorrow from a person who is suffering. You will want to make everything better for the other person.

3. Mudita

‘Mudita’ is joyfulness, happiness, and contentedness. It will always try to bring joy to the people around you. You will make your special person happy than anything else. When you love someone you are also fulfilled that you want to bring joy to everyone.

4. Upeksha

‘Upeksha’ is the desire to accept everything. You will not discriminate against anyone quality or characteristics. You will accept your partner, no matter how he/she is. You will do this instinctively because you have such a grounded appreciation for everything that makes up who they are.

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