The Common Sense Of Toilet Paper Is Facing The Room And Not The Wall: The Inventor Explains It To Us In Person

There is a question that divides the world into two camps: we are not talking about the sea or the mountains, or the dogs or the cats, but the direction of the toilet paper!

Many people don’t really ask the question and yet, there is only one real way the toilet paper should be placed and that’s what the original patent of this famous invention tells us…

Seth Wheeler is the name of the man to whom we owe the invention of the toilet paper roll, as we know it today.

Image: Edya via Wikimedia Commons

In the archives we find the original patent filed by Mr. Wheeler on September 15, 1891 : the roller is designed to allow the use of only the quantity really necessary and to avoid waste.

The text of the patent is attached with explanatory drawings.

And There you go! This is how the toilet paper was designed and here is the way to place it as agreed in the patent.

image: Seth Wheeler via Google Patent Database

The sheets of paper should slide away from the wall and above the rest of the roll!

image: Seth Wheeler via Huffington Post

If you’ve always placed it that way, you’ll be proud to know there’s official proof to determine its accuracy.

And you who have always used the other way around, are you going to change your mind now?

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