That’s The Reason Children Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Father.

There is a huge difference between a mother taking care of her child and a father: while mothers are always extremely careful with their young, fathers take the opportunity to not only have a laugh, but also get a smile out of their babies – or at least of people who realize that they don’t understand some things like, for example, doing hairstyles on girls.

Below you will see some funny reasons why children are not left alone with their parents. Check it out and get in a mood of humor with these parents super lost in parenthood

10 Keeping the baby under control

Twitter/ sensuezik

9 Bath time is a place to exercise creativity:

Imgur: MelissaNas

 8 “Let’s Play Daddy’s Team”


7 Combining the useful with the pleasant


6 Parents are experts at getting references


5 If you do not take the child to the playground, take the playground to the child


4 “He looks like his father”


3 It was father’s day to fix his daughter’s hair for school


2 Parents and their creativity to make the little ones have fun without having to work


1 Eyebrow design

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