Teacher Covers Student’s Ripped Jeans With Duct Tape: Mother Is Furious

There is a dress code for every occasion and, in general, school is no exception. But today all the rules have changed borders and in many cases have been overturned to the point of being supplanted by new rules. While etiquette has remained virtually unchanged for certain social occasions, it is increasingly common in schools to see students and teachers taking liberties, not only in terms of character and attitude, but also in the way they to get dressed.

Many young people follow the fashion of the moment very early on and, very often, the trends are absolutely not adapted to the school context. An example is jeans with holes , which have been banned in many schools because they do not fit the study framework. Some parents, however, consider these restrictions to be completely outdated .

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Shanah Drummond is the mother of a young girl who had a bad time at school because of her clothes deemed inappropriate . The girl went to school in torn jeans, and the teacher, under the pretext of the settlement, covered her holes with tape. The furious mum took to the school to report the incident, filming her outrage and sharing it on social media.

“Am I overreacting or am I right to be angry that the school thought it was okay to put duct tape on my daughter’s skin? The school should have m ‘call if she needed my daughter to change her pants,’ exclaims the outraged woman in the video, adding that she has never had a problem with the school dress code and that her daughter has felt very embarrassed by the incident.

Pexels – not the actual photo

“My daughter was humiliated and had to hide it by tying her coat in front of her pants,” Shanah says. “She has sensitive skin and if she hadn’t written to me she would have been sitting all day with the tape irritating her legs,” she adds, pointing to her daughter trying to cover the tape strips thick red tape placed on the top of her thighs, near the holes in her jeans.

The school reports that the management asked the girl to go to the infirmary, where she was asked if she had spare pants, before resorting to these more drastic methods. The mother, however, denied this version. Several other parents intervened on social networks in his favor, castigating the sometimes a little too strict measures of certain schools.

Who do you think went too far, the school or the mother with her reaction?

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