Tables Have Turned Into Stunning Succulent Gardens

Succulents are known as the cats of the plant world. Some people love them while others hate them. They are the best camera-loved plants due to their crazy colors, shapes, and varieties.

Here you have another way to put these incredible plants to use. People have been upgrading their tables into full-blown succulent gardens thanks to mad crafty skills and aesthetic goals.

You can make your table both a green oasis and a place to put your mug.

Dustin Anthon is the founder of Blooming Tables. It’s a San Diego company with a mission of bringing outdoors to the indoors.

According to Dustin, these blooming tables are perfect for people who don’t have the space for traditional gardening methods but still want more plants in their homes. He suggested placing a lamp over them or adding incandescent light bulbs since succulents require a good amount of sunlight to keep them from stretching and getting leggy.

You have to note that “plants tend to do better when you pull them from a similar environment that you are moving them to” in order for the succulents to prosper while being planted as part of the table. He gave an example: “succulents that grew up in low light areas will do better indoors than succulents who were sourced from high light areas.”

The table serves as a pot for a succulent which it may outgrow with time. “Sometimes a plant will grow too big for the table and need to be removed,” but it’s “completely natural.”

Dustin also added that it is possible for you to make your own blooming table, and that’s how his own company was started. “We saw the beauty in housing our plants indoors this way and set out to develop a product that would solve a lot of the problems that come with an at-home build.”

Many DIY succulent tables would look lovely, but sometimes they would not function as a table. Dustin said that “a lot of at-home builds, while beautiful, lack the functionality of an actual table—leaving you with something too unstable to set anything on.” If you’re planning on building one you need to keep an eye on the stability.

(h/t Diply)

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