Moscow-Based Artist Maxim Shkret Creates These 20 Stunning Illustrations Of Animals

Moscow-based digital artist, Maxim Shkret creates stunning colorful visualizations of animals in a unique style he calls “Solid organics”. He has worked over 10 years in the field and also he has experience as a graphic designer and art director for various advertising too.

The artist says he’s a “strong advocate of experiments on the intersection of digital and physical” and firmly believes that imagination is free from any constraints and boundaries. According to Maxim, it’s a powerful engine fueling the creative process that allows him to propel the aesthetics of visual art to new heights. “Nowadays, the imagination is further equipped with the latest evolving technologies, which make it possible to refine the visual breakthroughs on a continuous basis.”

Maxim Shkret, Moscow-based artist creates majestic illustrations of animals in his own unique style



Maxim has academic degrees in classical Art and in Industrial Design – and he has combined the experience from both of these fields in his works.



He combines hard surface modeling and organic sculpting techniques and not with mimic folded paper or vector graphics. According to Maxim, his style “represents the relationship between biomorphic and geometric allotting the weight and roundness of natural forms to the sculptures.”



Maxim uses standard modeling and sculpting tools, such as 3DS Max, ZBrush, and Adobe Photoshop, while also applying a biological approach to abstraction and not any any scripts or third-party plug-ins. to create his art.

You can see more of Maxim’s incredible works below.















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