Strawberry blonde sunflowers that resemble little sunsets

Sunflowers are those round, bright yellow flowers with a plethora of tiny petals around them. They’re a household name, and also staple images to use as decorations or design.

They’re part of the family of “A list” flowers that everyone knows along with roses, tulips, and dandelions.

But, surprisingly, there’s another gorgeous variant of sunflower that might be even prettier.

It’s the Strawberry blonde sunflower, the yellow Sunflower’s more fashionable sister. This sunflower boasts a deep, purplish center with an outer brim formed from paler, yellow petals instead of a bright yellow hue.

This can be the sunset to the normal Sunflower’s shining sun.

People love them so much as its resemblance to a miniature sunset. Having both suns and sunset flowers in your garden is a match made in heaven.

The Strawberry blonde variety also tries to face the sun as much as possible just as their normal Sunflower sisters which are called heliotropism.

There are more kinds of sunflowers rather than the standard yellow and Strawberry Blonde sunflowers. The Sunflower is a flowering genus called Helianthus, and also it boasts a whopping 70 species.

As everyone knows Sunflowers are mighty tall. They’re about as tall as a person at 5-6 feet tall. So, they sometimes need their stems supported with something.

They have edible seeds like a typical sunflower. You can always use them to plant more of the sunflowers instead if you don’t fancy snacking on the seeds.

Burgundy sunset-colored sunflowers are always great. No need to take anything away from the classic yellow ones.

They take 2-3 months to grow. If you’re just following a daily routine, those months can fly by pretty quickly. But when you take care of something and waiting for it to grow, you’ll feel that those 2-3 months feel a bit longer.

You have to remember that pests, stray animals, and a whole load of other things could spell trouble for your sunflowers. So plant them someplace safe and accessible. They need a healthy amount of sunlight.

As we all know these flowers have tall stems. So, a strong enough gust of wind could dangerously bend their stems.

You need to keep something to support the stem. Wooden dowels will do yopur work.  They will provide support for the sunflowers, and also stimulate them to grow healthily.

They’ll bloom for anywhere from 55 to 100 days, when they’ve grown. After all your hard work of growing them, you can have these gorgeous sunflowers in full bloom for another 2-3 months.

These sunflowers are beautiful in every way. These might be the garden additions you never knew you needed if you’re a gardening enthusiast.

sources used: MysticalravenGardenia

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