Straight Family Man Prefers To Wear Skirts And Heels As He Believes ‘Clothes Have No Gender’

Mark Bryan, a robotics engineer, has been married for 11 years and has a daughter. He is straight, but dresses in a unique way. Bryan, an American living in Germany, thinks that fashion doesn’t have to be limited by gender. He might be seen wearing a skirt and heels at work or anywhere else he goes.

Bryan mentioned his dislike for the limited options men have in the fashion department, particularly for office attire. Men’s pants are mostly available in black, gray, dark blue, and sometimes pinstripe, with limited cuts.

The fashionable dresser thinks that if women can wear pants, men should be able to wear skirts and dresses too. Bryan enjoys the variety of styles, patterns, and colors that skirts offer, unlike men’s clothing.

Bryan likes to blend traditional gender styles by wearing masculine clothing on his upper body, such as a blazer and tie, and feminine clothing on his lower body. He usually opts for a pencil skirt and four-inch heels on the lower half.

Bryan has no issue wearing high heels. He started doing it when his college girlfriend requested him to wear high heels while dancing so they could be at the same height. They kept it up for more than a year.

Bryan refuses to be limited by stereotypes or assumptions when it comes to his clothing. He defies expectations without any apologies. Continue reading to find out Bryan’s thoughts on his fashion decisions.

Bryan knows exactly how he likes to dress. He explained to happiness-life that he believes clothes should not be limited by gender. He likes wearing skirts instead of dresses because they allow him to mix different gender styles. He prefers a more masculine look for the top half of his outfit and a non-gendered look for the bottom half. He strongly believes that clothes should not be restricted by gender.

He added: “I remember when girls weren’t allowed to wear pants in school because it was considered a boys’ clothing. Now, pants are for everyone. So why can’t skirts and heels be for everyone too? Men actually wore heels before women, maybe not the same style as today, but they did.”

Bryan is right. High heels have a long history. Historians and archaeologists cannot pinpoint their exact origin, but they have been worn since at least the 10th century. Initially, high heels were not a fashion trend. The Persian cavalry used boots with heels, known as kalash or galesh, for practical reasons. These heels made it easier for them to keep their feet secure in the stirrups. This is also why cowboy boots have a small heel!

High-heeled boots were a symbol of wealth, so only rich men could own horses and wear them. The trend of high heels spread in Europe, becoming a fashion statement for wealthy noblemen and traders. After the Great Schism in the Christian Church, even the pope started wearing high heels.

Several centuries passed before fashion began to change. In the 18th century, Europe started to discuss the differences between men and women and what they should wear. This is when the idea that fashion is feminine and frivolous, and not something “real men” should be concerned with, emerged. As a result of these changing beliefs, men stopped wearing high heels, considering them impractical and unnecessary accessories.

Bryan is showing how high-heels are becoming more acceptable for men. Even though he supports wearing them, he knows some may be surprised. He likens his fashion choices to those who dye their hair in bold shades. He said:

Consider an individual with vibrant green hair. The unusual color of their hair catches your attention, prompting you to acknowledge it as out of the ordinary. After a moment of curiosity, you resume your activities without dwelling on the sight. I find that the reaction is similar when others see me wearing a skirt and heels.

Bryan effortlessly finds skirts and heels that fit him well. He comfortably wears a size 8 in skirts and his shoe size for heels is 8.5, thanks to his smaller feet. For men interested in trying out heels and skirts, Bryan recommends starting with a lower heel to gradually get used to walking in high heels.

What are your thoughts on Mark Bryan’s fashion decisions? Are there any men you know who would be willing to experiment with wearing high heels? Feel free to share your opinions and pass this message on to your loved ones.

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