South African Artist Shocks The World With His Impressive Giant Sculptures.

With a very different vision of the world, the multidisciplinary artist, Daniel Popper originally from South Africa is known worldwide for his spectacular and monumental sculptures. His works are generally destined for important festivals or cultural events, in addition to having several samples of his work in different cities.

He uses different types of materials such as wood, concrete, fiberglass and steel, turning simple designs into wonderful sculptures showing the ingenuity and creative spirit of the artist.

Popper has no limits and is not afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes, on the contrary, creating his large-scale sculptures has become a personal challenge. His pieces have shocked the world and his beauty is unprecedented.

1.Siyanda – We are growing, 27 feet.

2. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete- Slunj, Croatia

3. Thrive -2020, 28ft.

4. Chasm, Las Vegas.

5. Heartwood, 5 meters.

6. Ephemera, 13 feet.

7. Meditation methods

8. Ginkgo

9. Cheers EDC 2019 in Las Vegas

10. Mycelia, 5 meters.

11. Reflection, 2012.

12. Transmission, 2021.

13. Come to the light, 2018, Tulum, Mexico.

14. IMU, Chicago, Illinois.

15. Emergency, 13 meters.

16. Asana, 2019, 6 meters.

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