Smart Design: 17 Objects Designed To Make People’s Lives Easier

Look around you: how many objects we use every day could be designed differently? Probably a lot, and yet we are convinced that it is like that and that we cannot change them very much.

But that’s where the creativity and imagination of the most ingenious designers come in. When it comes to improving a common object, or inventing a new one from scratch, some people give their best and achieve incredible results. Like the ones we present to you in the 17 photos below: ingenious little gems that should be more widely available. Are you ready to discover them?

1.Who says an adult can’t swing with a child?

image: Bearat/reddit

This special swing is for both!

2.A very clever bicycle chain

image: Imgur

It seems much thicker than it actually is: the plastic that surrounds it gives a “magnifying” effect.

3.A small take-out roll inside the large roll

image: evolving-me/reddit

4.Smart design for city cyclists

image: medmik/reddit

These supports have been installed especially for cyclists waiting at traffic lights.

5.The smart plug that solves many small space problems in the home

image: Tweedie2014-/reddit

6.Everything at your fingertips

image: luckydice1224/reddit

Soup and croutons in one bowl: not bad at all!

7.Exactly half a pint

image: clusterlove/reddit

In addition to being practical, this glass is also very aesthetic!

8.Cup too hot? This problem is solved

image: ModalMantis/reddit

9.Too many clothes hanging in the locker room? Here is the solution.

image: yjupitermoon/reddit

A really useful and practical hanger – it should be everywhere!

10.A truly inclusive and resourceful subway plaza.

image: AAs-MRC/reddit

11.Trolley with defective wheels? Put that panel on it!

image: reddit

12.Do you need help or not? The answer is in the basket

image: reddit

Not a bad idea for shopping, right?

13.Not a bad idea, what do you think?

image: iritian/reddit

Calculator available without opening the notebook!

14.A simple and convenient way to know immediately if the size is correct.

image: j3asan101/reddit

15.Do you put down the kitchen tongs and dirty the worktop? With this it’s over

image: jonnyjuk/reddit

Simply raise the utensil. Clever!

16.The clock radio that tells the time from multiple sides

image: reddit

A great idea not to return it when needed!

17.How to turn a simple concrete wall into something useful and beautiful. Have you ever seen benches like this?

image: reddit

Really interesting projects, don’t you think? Which did you prefer?

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