Sir Elton John, 76, raises his two sons not to be spoiled as they already do chores for some pocket money

David Furnish is the spouse of Sir Elton John, and they have been in a committed relationship for over two decades. Together, they are raising their two sons, Zackary and Elijah, with a focus on instilling values of humility and financial responsibility.

Renowned musician Sir Elton John has produced thirty-two albums so far and displays no indication of decreasing his pace. Despite being seventy-three years old, the singer remains highly sought after.

David Furnish and Sir Elton John in London in 2001 | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

After enjoying a thriving career spanning over three decades, the musician is now looking to shift his focus towards different aspects of his life, including his relationship with David Furnish and their two sons, Zachary and Elijah.

In 1993, John and Furnish experienced a short-lived romance before shifting their focus to raising their children. The artist behind “Sacrifice” revealed his return to his Windsor residence and expressed interest in reconnecting with others.

John asked a friend to extend an invitation to Furnish and other guests for dinner, expressing a strong connection with Furnish. John appreciated Furnish’s polished appearance and reserved demeanor.

The couple’s long-term relationship began officially after their date, and nine years later, they decided to get married in 2014.

The couple utilized Instagram to distribute invitations. The most memorable part of the day was bonding with their sons, who had the significant role of being ring bearers.

Furnish and John took immense pleasure in involving their children in their partnership, especially given the challenges they faced in becoming parents. Their journey started in 2009 when they met a young boy named Lev at an HIV orphanage in Ukraine.

Lev hails from a broken family, prompting the couple to offer assistance, despite the government’s refusal due to his age. Nevertheless, the couple provided support to Lev and engaged in conversation with him.

John realized he might be a father upon meeting Lev, admitting he had previously thought he was too old to have children. Their first son, Zachary, was born in 2010 via a surrogate, and Elijah arrived in 2013.

Raising Kids Away from Media Influence.
The couple aimed to stay engaged with their children despite their busy schedules. “We prefer to be hands-on parents rather than relying on household help,” Furnish explained. They made the choice to have sons and are now focused on nurturing their boys in a positive and nurturing setting.

John communicated to his sons in an emotional letter the significant changes they had brought into his life. “Zachary and Elijah, you are the most precious gifts I have ever received. In ways I never thought possible, you have given my life purpose and meaning, and filled my heart with love,” the artist expressed.

Furnish and John are satisfied with the beautiful family they have built. They want their children to always remember the love and support they will receive from their parents as they mature.

John openly discussed how becoming a parent has changed his perspective on life and the values he and his partner hope to instill in their children.

John discussed the impact of having children on his perspective on finances. With two children of his own, he now prioritizes spending time with Zachary and Elijah over material possessions like trendy songs or artwork.

The vocalist admitted that due to being accustomed to being in the spotlight, both he and Furnish had splurged a significant amount of money before becoming parents. Nevertheless, John asserted that after the birth of their sons, they had significantly reduced their expenses.

The couple is currently focused on owning only what they need. Furthermore, they have been teaching their children about the value of money and the hard work needed to earn it.

Despite being aware of his children’s privileged upbringing, John desires for them to possess humility. The artist has made it clear that he does not plan on leaving his entire estate to them. Instead, he hopes to find a middle ground between giving his children a comfortable life and ensuring they remain humble. He pondered to himself:

It is my desire to ensure that my sons are financially secure in the future. However, providing them with a silver spoon may not be the best approach, as it can ultimately have negative consequences on their lives.

John has been working on cultivating a sense of value for money in the boys from a young age. Zachary and Elijah might not have fully grasped the extent of their parents’ fame when they were five and three, but John and Furnish did impart an important lesson on financial planning to them.

In 2016, the vocalist mentioned that they could earn £3 ($3.74) in allowance by completing household chores such as kitchen and garden duties. The money would be allocated to savings, spending, and charity, with each coin divided accordingly. As they matured, their duties expanded to include keeping their rooms tidy, and they were rewarded with stars for each completed task.

Despite recognizing that their children’s upbringing may not be conventional, the couple strives to provide a sense of normality in their lives. John emphasizes that his children do not live a secluded life in a mansion, but rather blend in with the local community.

He stated that while he recognized there would be downsides, he wasn’t concerned about his children being in the public eye because he believed that people were “wonderful” and “not unfriendly,” particularly when they expressed interest in seeing images of him and his family.

The musician and his partner often bring their children to the cinema or treat them to pizza in order to ensure they enjoy quality family time outside of their luxurious home.

Due to his fame, John prioritizes spending quality time with his children. Additionally, the musician is always punctual when it comes to picking up and dropping off his kids at school.

Elton John Flaunts His Offspring
Elton John, the famous singer known as “Rocket Man,” shared a special photo on social media featuring his partner, their children, and their close friend Lady Gaga. Unlike their usual practice of not posting pictures of their children online, John expressed his love for them while also regretting not being able to capture the moment in a photo.

On Elton John’s page, leave a remark | Source: Instagram/eltonjohn

Fans were amazed by the noticeable growth of Zachary and Elijah, with one commenter noting, “The boys are getting so tall.” A different commenter described them as “very attractive tiny fellas,” while another admirer exclaimed, “These boys and their parents look absolutely gorgeous!”

John conveyed to his sons in an emotional letter the profound impact they had on his life. “Zachary and Elijah, you are the greatest blessings I have ever known. You have brought purpose and joy into my life in ways I never thought possible,” the musician wrote.

Furnish and John are satisfied with the beautiful family they have built. They want their children to always remember the love and support they will receive from their parents as they mature.

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