Since 1885, Only Boys Have Been Born In A Family: The Arrival Of A Little Girl Breaks The Tradition

Until a certain stage of pregnancy, it is impossible to know whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. For some parents, the gender of the baby is indifferent and they are enthusiastic in any case, while others have a preference in their hearts, which can be for one or the other. However, an American family was convinced that they had no choice: indeed, for more than a hundred years, the successive generations were all made up of men , until the surprise happened…

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It had become a tradition in the family in question, where since 1885 no daughter had been born . At least until Carolyn Clark , from Caledonia, USA, gave birth to baby Audrey, thus breaking the long and now solid habit. Her husband Andrew, to whom she has been married for ten years, had let her know that his family had not been “meant” to have girls for over a century, but she thought he was joking.

But she eventually realized that her husband was serious: since the end of the 19th century, only boys had been born, without exception. The couple themselves had hung a blue bow on their door, until the arrival of Audrey, Cameron’s 4-year-old little sister. When they decided to have a second child, Carolyn said, ” I’m going to try. I want a girl. “
After two miscarriages, the long-awaited pregnancy news finally arrived. Finding out the gender of the baby, they were so excited that they decided to throw a party with friends and family, handing out cookies with blue or pink fillings to the guests.

Carolyn Clark/Facebook

After the usual countdown, guests chewed on the cupcakes and discovered the color of the frosting, which was pink . ” Everyone started screaming and jumping around in disbelief ,” Clark recounted, as her husband explained that no one really believed him until the end of the pregnancy.

” Every ultrasound she was like, ‘check it’s a girl,’ ” he said, adding that coming up with a girl’s name had been the hardest part because they never expected it.

Baby Audrey Marie was born on St. Patrick’s Day, an auspicious sign that accompanied her arrival. “ She made it even more special that she was a girl, because it felt like it was worth the wait. I have my girl. ” A tradition that seemed destined to last and which, for the moment at least, interrupted to welcome a wonderful little girl.

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