A Few Simple And Intuitive Tips To Make Life Easier For Every Parent.

Being a parent can be exhausting, but it’s even more so if you go about it in a monotonous and uncreative way. As in any other activity, and even in the difficult daily life of a parent, you can use cheats that make the tasks much easier and even more difficult .

Below are 11 tips for young children to use , each of which solves (partially or completely) a problem we face almost every day. Keep them in mind, they could save you some nervous breakdowns!

1.Rubber toys are very popular, but if they contain water, they can form dangerous mold. Seal the hole with hot glue to avoid this inconvenience.

2.A tip for traveling with children who use the potty…

3.Contact is important for a newborn: to make him feel protected while you take care of other things, you can use a glove filled with rice.

4.Leaving the house with a small child can become a headache: indulge in home delivery; not only for food, but also for groceries or other needs!

5.To protect your belongings, wrap them in a diaper that looks used…no one will think to touch them!

6.A stress-free hobby? Put tempera in a sealed bag…your child will have fun mixing colors without messing anything up.

7.Is the ice cream moment a drama? This trick will protect the hands of the smallest and most careless.

8.Teach your children from an early age that paper is precious: a simple and intuitive adhesive will prevent them from using too much at once.

9.The monster spray: place it under your children’s bed and fill it with water (or a nice essence); it will help them calm down if they are afraid of the dark!

10.Finally, the ultimate advice not to confuse the right shoe with the left: it works perfectly!

Did you know all these tricks? Show them to all the new parents you know…it might make their life easier!

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