Sibling Dogs Recognize Each Other When They Accidentally Meet On The Street

They started a normal walk, but it became a surprise family reunion when long-lost siblings ran into each other on the street.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other since they were puppies they recognized each other immediately. They went in for nuzzle and a big hug as soon as they spotted each other.

A twitter user shared a pic of how their friend’s dog accidentally met her brother.

Credits: libpincher

Monty and Rosie were born to the same litter last June. Rosie’s mom, Susan Killip said, “There were six of them. But Monty and Rosie were always together.”

Libby Pincher got these photos from her dad, whose business partner Dave was out walking his one-year-old cockapoo Monty in Aycliffe, County Durham when he spotted fellow dog owners walking a similar-looking dog. The dogs had wrapped their paws around each other as if they were hugging. The owners started talking and realized that they were from the same litter and they were separated as they were given to different families to adopt.

Her dad described: “So, Dave was out walking his dog, and there was a couple walking towards him with a white version of his dog. Turns out they are brother and sister from the same litter. But instead of just playing as they do with other dogs, look at this.”

Credits: Susan Killip

Killip’s friends lived in a nearby village. He adopted Monty and watched Rosie for a week early on and then the two pups separated.

Killip said, “It was so lovely, they both just jumped up and hugged each other. It was amazing they remembered each other after 10 months of not seeing each other.”

Susan Killip also added, “My husband Lee and I took Rosie for a walk one day and bumped into David. Aw, it was so lovely, they both just jumped up and hugged each other, it was amazing, they remembered each other after 10 months of not seeing each other. I took some photos and sent them to Jean and that was the last I heard of it until Jean rang me to say David had sent them to a friend who sent them to his daughter Libby and the next thing we know they were on Twitter and, as you know, it’s just gone crazy from there.”

When they were younger, the two were always together.

Credits: Susan Killip

Susan said that, when asked how they decided to adopt Rosie: “We decided to get a cockapoo 2 years after losing our toy poodle called Lucy. We missed her so much and still went for long walks sometimes carrying her ashes with us in our pocket. I contacted my friend who already had a cockapoo, who put me in touch with the breeder of her dog, who informed us that Rosie’s mom called Millie was due a litter late June 2019.”

“They were born at Bishop Middleham on 30th June. There were 6 puppies, but Monty and Rosie were always together. We had picked Rosie as she was the little quiet puppy in the corner and our friend Jean, who decided to get a puppy too, picked Monty. Due to complications with the breeder, Jean looked after Rosie for 2 weeks after we picked her up in September as we already had a holiday booked. They spent a week together and had so much fun. We picked her up after our holiday and brought her back home and she never saw Monty again until about 3 weeks ago, as Jean and David live in the next village, so we never see them. We often text each other to see how the dogs are doing, but we never had time due to work commitments to meet up.”

Credits: Susan Killip

Susan has great news if you wonder whether Monty and Rosie will ever meet up again: “When we are allowed to go out and meet people again, we are going to meet up and as it’s nearly Rosie and Monty’s 1st birthday, hopefully we can do something to celebrate it together.”

Credits: Susan Killip

Twitter users and Killip are convinced that the two pups knew each other while there’s some debate as to whether dogs can remember their littermates.

Tufts University explains, “Dogs of the same breed often gravitate toward each other. What we know is this: The scent of another dog stays with a dog for a long time … But whether the dog is processing that it’s a familial connection, we’ll probably never know for sure.”

Credits: Susan Killip

People loved their emotional reunion:

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