She Works As A Crane Operator But Feels Constantly Observed By Her Male Colleagues

Everyone from an early age hopes to practice the profession that we have always wanted. Some work hard to achieve this goal, others, despite their perseverance, fail to achieve their dream. Still others discover new passions during their life that will become their profession.

The young woman in the story that we are about to tell would have liked to practice any other profession, but finally found her way by working as a worker on cranes, constantly attracting the attention and stares of the men around her.


Kate Fahey is a 19 year old young woman who has never been attracted to the construction sector. Her passion was born by chance, when she accepted a summer job on her father’s construction site in Ireland. She was so passionate about this profession that she understood that it was her future. When she first got on a crane, she didn’t want to get off and decided to become a worker .

This new passion made her the youngest worker in Ireland and made her choose to stay on a 40m high crane every day , rather than at university.


Kate is a woman who works in a predominantly male sector. Indeed, people are often surprised to see it. ” People tend to look at me quizzically, wondering what a woman is doing there. There were times when newcomers stared at you. When I was working in Dublin, I once met a delivery man who seemed shocked to see me and constantly asked me if I was qualified to be there. I told him that to do this job, the only thing one needs is to have a strong character . “

Many boys and girls write to her to find out more about her career, especially how she decided to follow this path. ” In my job, university or an apprenticeship are not necessary, it is enough to fall in love with this profession , as it happened to me. I went up and I decided not to go down again. ” She is the only one woman at her workplace, but she’s not interested, she manages to handle the questioning looks. Above all, she is proud to have inspired others to pursue a career in construction.

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Source used:

New York Post

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