She Was Pictured Begging For Money To Survive And Became A Model. She Was Helped By A Miss Universe

In 2016 she was portrayed as a symbol of poverty, now she was able to buy her family a house

While many women dream and spend hours in the gym to be professional models, appearing on the covers of famous magazines, there are other women who have to survive the onslaught of poverty, inequality, and systematic discrimination in society.

Her name is Rita Gaviola, she was found by Christopher Quinto Burgos, a local photographer who was taking pictures of normal life in the city of Lucban, in the Philippines. Her mission was just to represent how much poverty plagues that city.

Instagram / Rita Gaviola

Rarely does such a great synchrony occur. Rita’s case is unique since she, being portrayed by Burgos at the age of 13 asking for money, has now become one of the biggest influencers in her country. She even had enough money to buy her family a house.

She clearly had no intention of becoming a well-known model. She was struggling to bring bread to her family’s table. The image of the Filipino photographer went viral and that’s when her life took a 180° turn.

Topher Burgos

People were amazed at Rita’s beauty and devastated by her economic condition. She began to be nicknamed “La Chica Badjao”, referring to her ethnic group or also “La Cinderella de Lucban”. The pictures of her reached the likes of Angelina Ong, a former Miss Universe.

She along with other supermodels traveled to the city of Lucban to support her financially and encourage her to enter the modeling career, they saw a great future for her.

Instagram / Rita Gaviola

It was not long after that Rita created her Instagram account and in a short time achieved more than 190 thousand followers. These supporters of hers helped her gain access to sponsorships and even helped her with donations. Until now she has made contracts with brands and television programs.

Thanks to this, the now supermodel has had enough money to be able to pay for higher education and to be able to buy a house for her family, whom she has never forgotten since she was begging for money on the streets.

Instagram / Rita Gaviola

This is just a story of billions around the world, if one had this outcome it is because someone wanted to help. If we all help each other, it is likely that more stories like this will repeat themselves. Share this note so that these actions are replicated.

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