She Travels To Peru To Teach Yoga, Falls In Love With A Young Man And Stays In The Amazon With Him.

She is 14 years older and after 10 days of meeting him she decided to go live with him in the jungle.

Love is a force that knows no limits; distances and time are not an impediment for two people to love each other. This is exactly what happened to Caroline Knight , a 33-year-old girl who found the love of her life in a 19-year-old Peruvian boy.

Caroline was a nude yoga teacher in the Stoke Newington neighborhood of London, England . Suddenly, she wanted to travel to Nueva Hoja , a retreat in the middle of the Amazon to teach her yoga technique. So in 2020, shortly before the closure due to the pandemic, the woman took her suitcases and traveled to Peru , without imagining that she would no longer return to her home.

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There, in the heart of the jungle, he met Rómulo Elier Huaman Roque , a boy from the Peruvian Amazon who grew cocoa. Apparently, it was love at first sight for both of them and in less than two weeks, they decided that it was best to stay and live together there, among the trees, away from society.

According to the Daily Mail media , Caroline met Rómulo in Puerto Maldonado , from where she left by boat for retirement. The young man, who in addition to cultivating and processing cocoa, also cares for animals; he accompanied her to her destination. She was traveling with other companions; However, when it was time to return, Ella Knight decided to stay because she was captivated by the young man. Although she confessed that Rómulo seemed very shy and quiet to her, once she managed to talk to him alone, she realized that he was nice and genuine.

instagram @junglecacaoperu

Caroline’s stay in the Amazon would only be 10 days; however, she was so enchanted with the place that she began to think of a way to stay longer. And luckily for her, the opportunity presented itself in the form of quarantine. When countries closed their borders, she was given the option to return to her country; however, she did not want to. She thought that it would be better to stay and enjoy nature than to be locked up in her house in her England.

He looked for a cheap room to wait for the restrictions to be lifted. It is then that she received a peculiar message via Facebook.

“I have something to tell you, I think I love you,” wrote Rómulo.

instagram @junglecacaoperu

Without much thought, Caroline replied “I think I love you too.” And so this curious story began. Both maintained regular contact despite the difficulties because the young man did not have a cell phone and they could not see each other that often. After three weeks, Rómulo invited her to live with him and her family in the Peruvian Amazon. Of course, Caroline accepted.

In a wooden cabin with a tin roof they made their love nest. He taught her everything about cacao plantations and she began to dedicate herself to that too. In fact, she opened an Instagram account to sell the products over the internet.

instagram @junglecacaoperu

The yoga teacher was so delighted with Rómulo that she even confessed her desire to take him to England and introduce him to her entire family. Unfortunately it is not known if she was able to fulfill it because apparently the couple separated. Just as quickly as the romance began, it also ended because the woman eliminated any photographic trace that linked her to Rómulo on social networks.

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