She Took Her Graduation Photos In The Field Where Her Parents Work To Show The Fruits Of Her Hard Work.

As parents we always hope to be able to give our children everything that we in our childhood did not have the privilege of enjoying. Especially the fact of studying at a university and getting a university degree.

Every day that passes, parents make an effort and leave their own dreams behind with the sole objective that their children can grow as people, but without neglecting the effort.

“It is important that they can also value all the effort that we make for them every day, that they do not forget their roots and above all that they are grateful to life and to God for how little or how much they may have” .

This Mexican family masterfully found the perfect way for their children to learn to appreciate and value the incredible work required to have what they have had.

And it was this upbringing that prompted her daughter to pay tribute or homage to her parents in one way or another, to their incredible love for what they do and to share their wisdom.

Jennifer Rocha ‘s parents came to the United States pursuing the American dream, unfortunately things were not going as they expected and with each passing day the doors were closing for them.

“We knew we had to do something about it, we were running out of savings and without a roof over our heads.”

This was the engine and impulse they needed to start farming from scratch and they taught their children what the work was like so that after attending their classes they would go to the fields and help with every detail.

“We teach them from a very young age that work should be cared for and valued because it is what puts the daily bread on our table, that is why when they left their classes they went to the fields until late at night, we just we slept 3 or 4 hours a day.”

From these parents, without a doubt, the only thing that remains for us to learn is that the determination to improve the quality of life of our children is the impulse that some need to advance.

“No one really knows how much effort it takes to be able to keep all of this up to date, to be able to bring food to the grocery store so that everyone can enjoy what we do.”

Behind the work of fruits and vegetables there are people like us who last all day under the inclement sun, rain, animals, mosquitoes and enduring great back pain. And despite all her efforts, they could not afford to pay her daughter a bedroom so that she could study much more comfortably.

«Many times I thought of simply giving up and dedicating myself fully to work in the field, but then I saw how my parents sacrificed themselves to see me receive my degree that made me draw strength from where I no longer had and continue, their advice and support was crucial to be able to be here today enjoying this».

This is why she decided to take her graduation photos in this field that has cost her parents so much effort and sacrifice.

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