She Shows Off Her Wedding Dress On Social Networks And Receives A Shower Of Criticism: “It Looks Like Toilet Paper”

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most challenging, but also fun and exciting, aspects of planning a wedding. Every woman has in mind the dress of her dreams and finding it is not always easy: sometimes it takes months to find the right one, wandering through boutiques and online sites, sometimes you are lucky enough to find it the first time. In any case, each bride has a different dress in mind and it does not have to be white: the important thing is that it reflects the desire of the woman who wears it and makes her satisfied. However, even in these circumstances, criticism never fails, as happened to a woman who, after showing her wedding video, receivedmany negative comments for the dress she had chosen .


Camille Lescai is a big fan of pink and, as such, she dreamed of reaching the altar in a wedding dress of this color. The bride wanted her dress to stand out, to break with tradition and, above all, to meet her expectations. So, while surfing social networks, she saw a pink dress made by an Australian designer and immediately fell in love with it. “I ordered a personalized version for 6,500 Australian dollars (about 4,100 euros) and wore it to my wedding. I broke the rules by asking my guests to wear white and the event was phenomenal: I had a perfect day and I loved my dress.”

But in the days that followed, Camille decided to share a video of the ceremony on her TikTok profile, without imagining what was going to happen: users literally went wild against her dress. “I thought only my friends and followers would see it. I woke up to a huge number of comments and thousands of views. The video had gone viral, but for the wrong reasons. Lots of people wrote dismissive negative comments the dress. Many people called it ugly and trashy , while others compared the organza dress to toilet paper .”


Camille, amazed that so many people were interested in her dress, decided not to let the criticisms she received affect her: “I love my dress and I didn’t want these judgments to change the perception that I had it. When I was 15, I was much less sure of myself and I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to wear it. What bothered me the most was the potential unintended consequences that the resentment could create. They didn’t just attack me: many young women who commented on my video told me that they would like to have a dress like mine for their wedding, and I couldn’t help but to think about how they would feel reading the comments.”

The new bride therefore decided to respond to users with a series of videos, especially referring to those who commented anonymously, and subsequently most of the negative messages disappeared. “My advice to anyone who receives anger online is to try not to pick on them and think that the people in your life love you no matter what is said online, and it’s those opinions that matter.”

How would you have reacted in Camille’s place?

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