She Showers And Washes Her Hair Every Three Weeks: ‘i’m Lazy And I Don’t Care’

British TV star Stacey Solomon has made headlines for sharing on social media her joy at successfully washing her hair after 3 weeks since giving birth to her daughter , but she’s not the only one to make such revelations. Indeed, on social networks, you can easily find people more or less followed who declare without any embarrassment that they wash their hair only once or twice a month.

It is well known that washing your hair too often produces the opposite effect of the one desired: the scalp will tend to produce more sebum to protect itself from the shampoo, which will give the appearance of dirtier hair. It is also true that pollution, dust and perspiration easily accumulate on our hair, forcing us to clean it regularly if we don’t want it to look dull and smell unpleasant.

What is the optimum frequency ? Some argue it’s once a month, like the woman we’re talking about today.

Clare Sandiford/Facebook

Clare Sandiford , a 52 year old woman from Formby in the UK, has revealed that she only washes her hair once every 3 weeks and thanks to this habit she has managed to save a considerable amount of money, in addition of the embarrassment of her teenage daughter. ” I always washed my hair every 2 days because that’s the norm, I couldn’t stand anyone judging my hair. When I started having neck issues, however, the idea to wash, dry and style my hair seemed too much of a pain ,” the woman said.

Initially concerned about the state of her hair and the possible judgment of others, the woman started to tie it in a ponytail when she left her house and became increasingly lazy, until she didn’t realize she hadn’t washed her hair in 3 weeks.

Clare Sandiford/Facebook

Working from home, Clare doesn’t mind anyone noticing her hair during working hours and, after an initial adjustment period, she’s come to realize that she doesn’t care what other people think. of her when she is shopping at the supermarket. After the first 3 months, moreover, Clare’s hair has adapted to the new washing regimen , dramatically reducing sebum production and starting to grow nicer, thicker and shinier.

“ Even my daughter noticed how beautiful they were ,” says Clare, adding that her daughter was unpleasantly surprised and embarrassed by the infrequency of her washes. But the woman keeps going, saying she only buys one shampoo a year, with a huge saving on her water bill too. ” My advice is don’t judge until you try. My habit started out of laziness, but my hair has never looked better, ” she proudly says.

And you, would you be tempted to try to wash your hair much less often?

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