She Saved €76,000 In 4 Years By Spending €6.60 A Month On Food, Girl Explains How She Did It.

We know it only too well: everyday life has ever-increasing costs, price increases that are often not accompanied by adequate wage increases. This is why many people, month after month, find themselves in the position of not being able to save as much as they would like. Setting aside precious resources for unexpected expenses becomes nearly impossible, as does building up a nice extra nest egg.

But that’s not always true, as the stories of people like the young South Korean we’re about to tell show. Although not having a high salary, she decided to put into practice a series of strategies that led her to save no less than 76,000 euros in four years , with a food expenditure that she herself declares to be less than 7 euros per month! Does it seem impossible to you? According to his account, this is not the case. Let’s take a closer look at how she achieved this.

Her name is Ji-hyeon Kwak, she is 24 years old, she is South Korean and she became known on social networks for her incredible sense of economy: she managed to save the equivalent of 76,000 euros in just four years , making the economy a real mission.

Yet this girl, who has worked since the age of 19, earns around 1,500 euros net per month. A figure that, for many, would absolutely not be enough to put all that money aside. For many, but not for her, who decided to share tips and tricks to achieve a goal like hers.

6.60 euros per month is the amount that Ji-hyeon Kwak spends on food. How does she do it? Certainly not through a minimal diet. On the contrary: she has a balanced diet and lacks nothing. So what ? Its watchwords are deals and coupons . Through specific applications, coupons and surveys designed especially for discounts and points, Ji-hyeon has developed a real savings “mechanism” , which allows her to obtain the products she desires at advantageous prices. , or almost free. Every little difference in price matters to her, and that’s what got her where she is. But it didn’t stop there.

To limit expenses, she does not even use public transport to get around, and walks about two hours a day. Homemade tea and tap water are two other ingredients that are part of its frugality. Of course: not everyone may have the time, dedication and possibilities of this young South Korean, but an attempt, after all, is always possible.

What do you think ? Would you try to put some of his advice into practice?

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