She Retires And Moves Into A Tiny House: “It’s An Incredible Deal”

Retirement is synonymous with relaxation, or at least it should be. After a long life of study and work, when the time comes to leave your profession, the time has come to take a well-deserved rest, without having to worry about earning the necessary money to meet daily expenses. Conventional houses and apartments, however, often have high monthly loan payments and not inconsiderable maintenance costs, which pensions cannot always cover or which, in any case, require great care with money. This is why the woman we are going to tell you about has found an alternative solution that allows her to spend her old age in complete serenity .

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Luanne, that’s the name of this woman, decided to enjoy life and relaxation when she retired by moving into an extremely comfortable tiny house. When she discovered the existence of this type of accommodation, she was so fascinated by it that she decided to have one of her own. Living in a small space, but with all the comforts available, was the right choice for her: in this way, she would avoid the costs of the mortgage and the various charges associated with a “standard” house.

Thanks to the Tiny Homes Coomunity of Newoport , Tennessee, Luanne was able to build her own tiny house, “The Nest”, for $79,000. The house is 3 meters wide and 8.5 meters long .

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“People who live in this community pay $200 a month for land rent. We pay another $25 for water, in addition to our electricity, which is an incredible deal,” says Luanne, who adds that living in a small space does not mean that you have to give up the pleasure of decorating it. Indeed, the woman decorated her tiny house according to her personal tastes, from the colors to the small details.

In front of the entrance she placed a red wooden chair, and on the door she hung decorations made with her own hands. On one side of the house stands a large tree, which Luanne can observe from the large window in one of the walls. Its spacious sofa can accommodate up to four people and the kitchen is fully equipped.

Tiny House Giant Journey/Youtube screenshot

For clothes and storage, she uses an Ikea multi-compartment wardrobe, which is perfect for the small apartment, as is the bathroom, which is quite large. “I think the best part of living in a tiny house is that it makes your life easier. But also just the financial freedom it provides . My house is paid off and it’s amazing.”

What do you think of Luanne’s choice?

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