She Quits Her Teaching Job And Becomes A Supermarket Cashier: “I Live Better And I Earn More”

Very often, we imagine the job of our dreams from an early age, and we strive to make it happen. Some dream big, wanting to become athletes, actors, actresses or dancers. Others, on the other hand, opt for more common, and perhaps more attainable, professions. Everyone does their best to achieve their goals. However, when one comes face to face with reality, one may be disappointed and when one begins to do the work of one’s desires, one may want to leave it.

The woman in this story had succeeded in becoming a teacher, but after entering this world, she decided to quit and change her profession. Let’s find out why she chose to quit and start working as a saleswoman in a supermarket.


Maggie Perkins is a 30-year-old woman who wanted to be a teacher from a young age. Her dream, through constant efforts, became a reality, so much so that she even managed to get a doctorate at the University of Georgia. Unfortunately, once she faced reality, she was disappointed and chose to change her life. She explained her decision in a video posted on her Tik Tok page, for which she uses the handle millennialmsfrizz.


This woman was previously a teacher in public and private schools in Georgia and Florida, and worked primarily with elementary and high school students. Although it was her passion, the salary she received did not allow her to live comfortably. She worked about 60 hours a week, and in five years, she managed to collect less than 50,000 dollars (45,000 euros). That’s why she chose to completely change her job and apply to become a sales assistant at Costco, a supermarket chain.


“We grew up going to Costco, so I always knew their employees were treated well and had a high quality of life. So when I heard they were going to open a store in my town, I immediately applied and I was hired. Before, I didn’t sleep well, I worked a lot of hours, now I earn more and I live better.”

She does not miss the rhythm of her previous life at all, she is at ease in this new reality. She is not as exhausted as before, although it is her passion, she feels that changing jobs was the right choice.

In your opinion, was this the best decision to make or should she have continued to pursue her dream?

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