She Quits Her Job As A Lawyer To Mentally Communicate With Animals: “It’s My Passion”

Anyone who has ever adopted a pet has at least once expressed a desire to be able to communicate with him in some way. Those who have a very close relationship with their pet manage to establish, through deep mutual understanding, a kind of communication through which both parties express their needs and affection for each other.

In recent years, human-animal communication has progressed so much that a woman managed to teach her dog to “speak” thanks to a carpet of keys, each corresponding to a sentence that the dog learned to recognize and use. Some even went further. We are talking about a woman who was so passionate about communicating with animals that she made a career out of it.

Nikki Vasconez is a 33-year-old woman from Philadelphia who worked as a real estate attorney. Dissatisfied with her work but scared of a career change, Nikki started in September 2020 to research animal communication, her great passion. Only a year later, the young woman launched her new business on social networks Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. “I started to practice for free on the animals of family and friends and on the animals of a few strangers,” she says. “But as soon as I created the social media accounts, I started getting a steady following and it didn’t take long for the requests to start pouring in.”

Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication ‘s social networks quickly gained so many followers that after only a few months the woman was forced to stop bookings because she was overloaded with requests. Today, Nikki charges 350 dollars (320 euros) for a one-hour communication session and limits herself to two communications a day in order to always guarantee the excellent quality of her work, which she does mainly with dogs and cats, but sometimes also with other animals. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to create a waiting list, which included 4,000 people asking me to talk to their pets,” says Nikki, adding, “

Nikki only needs a few details about the animal to perform a reading: a photo in which she can look the animal in the eye, the name, gender and the names of the people in the house. Other details could, according to Nikki, cause interference with her “human brain”. After receiving these details, Nikki sits in a quiet room and mentally asks the animal a series of questions, recording both the questions and the answers received from the animal on her phone.

“When I mentally communicate with animals, I sometimes see flashing images in my eyes or hear particular phrases”, she says to explain her experience. “I can’t hear their accent or their tone of voice, but I can still feel their personality.” Her clients are pet owners, breeders and shelters, mainly women, who want to better understand the thoughts of their animals.

In addition to readings, Nikki also holds seminars to teach people how to communicate with animals, believing that anyone can learn to do so. Along with the compliments, she also receives a lot of criticism from skeptical people, but she has learned to ignore them.

A remarkable life change, don’t you think?

Source used:

 Daily mail

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