She Puts Her Daughters To Play In A Cardboard Box So As Not To Be Disturbed

Being a full-time mom is no easy task. It is said that having children is one of the greatest joys that can exist, but at the same time, a parent would also like to have some time to themselves. Even the simple act of cleaning becomes difficult when you have children in the apartment. This is why it is necessary to find ways to keep them quiet and distract them.

The mother in the story thought of keeping her children busy by putting them in a cardboard box to draw in, so that she could devote herself to household chores. A choice that has been severely criticized.

Gabrielle Lynn Dunn, also known as Mrs.gabidunn, is the mother of two beautiful little girls. When you have young children, it is difficult to have time for yourself, because you have to constantly watch them, you never know what stupidity they may do. Therefore, one must always find ways to occupy them.

This mother had to do housework, but at the same time, she needed her daughters to stay back and be quiet. So she put them in a cardboard box and gave them crayons so they could draw on the sides. The whole thing was filmed and published on his social networks.

“Now I finally have time for myself. I can finally clean without being interrupted or dirtying the place where I just finished vacuuming. I’m glad that they haven’t broken that box yet,” Gabrielle added.

Gabrielle Lynn Dunn/Facebook

The video received a very large number of views, but more importantly, the comments were numerous. Some pointed to the great inventiveness of this mother and praised her: “honestly, some mothers are really great” and “I would have played with them in the box”.

But alongside those who complimented her, there were many detractors: “You can’t leave your children alone, you have to watch over them” or “In my opinion, you made a mistake, you shouldn’t behave like That”.

And you what do you think ?

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Gabrielle Lynn Dunn/Facebook


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