She Pretends To Be Single Because She Is Too Beautiful, “Men Feel Intimidated”

Appearances often only confuse the issue. Too often, when we observe a person, we assume, just by looking at them, that we know their character, which explains why we decide not to get to know them better. The physiognomy of an individual does not necessarily reflect his essence; relying solely on the outside is like judging a book by its cover. Only interiority reveals the true appearance of an individual.

The young woman in the story we are about to tell pretends to be single because she is too beautiful. His appearance intimidates the boys who, for this reason, refrain from asking him out. 

Hope Schwing is a 24 year old young woman from Los Angeles, California in the United States, known on social networks under the pseudonym hope.schwing, who shares videos of her daily life every day. Although she is a pretty girl, she claims not to have had many boyfriends, but above all little experience in romantic relationships. She has often wondered “why” and thinks she has found an answer.

She says she’s independent and doesn’t need a partner because she doesn’t feel the need to settle down. However, she thinks men are intimidated by her attitude and good looks , and that’s why they don’t ask her out. She decided to express this theory in a video.

“No one,” she said, “talks about the difficulty of literally being so beautiful that you can’t have a boyfriend. All men are extremely intimidated and scared of you. Being incredibly attractive is honestly a curse . “

The video reached a very large number of views, more than 3.7 million, but above all, many users decided to comment on it, some mocking the situation, others criticizing its attitude. Some laughed at the situation, others criticized his attitude: “I’m going to start convincing myself too that this is why I’m single, thanks for the advice”, “you don’t think your attitude is exaggerated” or “you haven’t had a relationship because you’re probably the one who wants one, don’t put the blame on others”.

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