She Lives In A Trailer Down The Driveway So She Can Rent Out Her House

It often happens that we cannot make ends meet despite the fact that we work. Too often, in fact, unforeseen expenses force you to review your priorities or dip into your savings. Thus, on certain occasions, it becomes necessary to find ways to get a little extra money , and some people, with great inventiveness, manage to find particular, but functional tricks.

The woman in the story we are about to tell has decided to move down her driveway with her family in order to rent out her house. She managed to earn a substantial amount of money.


Alexi McKinley is a 26-year-old woman from Washington, USA. When she became pregnant, she was forced to take maternity leave; she was a sales manager for a Marriott hotel. Her husband, meanwhile, was independent. Their income being very low at the time, a solution had to be found immediately. Hence the idea of ​​moving into a trailer parked in their driveway and renting out their house a fortnight a month. In this way, they would earn, with a minimum of effort, an additional sum of money.

” We thought we could make a lot of money this way. It was an amazing opportunity and we desperately needed the income. Our goal was to pay the mortgage every month by renting out our house. We took photos of our accommodation and posted them online. Within 48 hours we had two back-to-back bookings. We went to buy all the products the guests might need, and we put all our belongings in the caravan . “

Before each guest arrives, they clean the whole house to make it more welcoming than ever. “None of our hosts seemed bothered that we lived down the driveway, and many of them even invited us to hang out with them on the back patio.”

Tenants pay, depending on the period, between 450 and 600 dollars (410 to 550 euros) per night . Alexi and her husband earned around $44,000 (or 40,000 euros) in their first year of renting.

What do you think ? Would you also make this choice?

Source used:

 The Sun

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