She Leaves Everything And Goes To Live In A Motorhome At 63, “I Found My Freedom”

Freedom is one of the greatest gifts that man can enjoy. There are people who cannot stay still in one place, they feel the need to travel, to discover new cities and cultures, to explore hidden territories. It would be nice to wake up every day in a different place, it would be like living a new adventure every day.

When this woman saw this opportunity looming, she didn’t let it pass and grabbed it. She dropped everything, bought a motorhome and started roaming all over England. Probably few people would have had this courage!

The woman at the center of the story is Siobhan Daniels, 63, a former BBC South East reporter from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK. Her job did not gratify her, every day she came home more and more tired and with only one thing in mind, to change jobs and feel free. When she saw the opportunity, she immediately seized it, bought a motorhome for 45,000 euros and began her wanderings.

” I feel free, I don’t even have to pay rent .” However, Siobhan has a fixed stopover in Dorset, a farm where, in exchange for manual labor, she can recharge her vehicle. It does not weigh on her because she likes being outside in contact with nature. Before, she wasn’t good with herself, she couldn’t find peace of mind. That’s why, after making sure her 32-year-old daughter was okay, she changed her life and went on an adventure

His new life excites him. Although she gave up comfort, she is now happier than ever. While she misses having a home from time to time, the one she currently lives in lacks nothing, including a full-sized shower, a fridge with freezer, and a stove.

Siobhan has an Instagram page where she shares all of her travels and chronicles all of her adventures. Her goal is to show everyone, and especially women, that if you want to, you can really change your life. There is no age to start all over again .

Would you have made this choice in his place?

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