She Is Mocked On Social Media For Calling Her $80 Handbag A Luxury Item.

Not everyone can afford to keep very expensive clothes in their wardrobe, and many are not even interested in buying them. However, especially among young people and teenagers, being able to display clothes and accessories from the most fashionable brands represents a kind of social status that one wants to belong to. To be able to own something that once would have been unthinkable is certainly a great satisfaction for someone. For example, a young woman with a difficult past proudly showed off her new $80 bag, dubbed a “luxury” , on social media, but received teasing from users.

Zoe Gabirel , a 17-year-old Singaporean, was finally able to buy her dream handbag, designed by Charles&Keith , a well-known local brand. The young woman wanted this accessory so much that when her father finally bought it for her, she decided to share her happiness via social networks: “I am so grateful that my father was able to offer it to me. He worked so hard to be able to spend that money”.

Showing off the gift she received, her excitement led her to call it “luxurious.” The amount of the bag is about 80 dollars, which is why many netizens quickly laughed at him.

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The comment “Who’s going to tell him?” notably prompted the young woman to respond to all those who mocked her enthusiasm, explaining, in the midst of tears, why this bag means so much to her, who grew up in the midst of many financial difficulties.

“We couldn’t even buy the simplest things, like bread. Those kinds of things were a luxury for us … Every time we walked past a store, my parents would just say ‘next time’, but the next time was never coming,” she said, tearing up. “For you, an $80 bag might not be a luxury. For me and my family, it’s a lot.”

Apparently her response became so popular that it reached the brand’s founders, brothers Charles and Keith, who were so moved they invited Zoe and her father to lunch at their premises and tour the business. . But that’s not all: on their page, a photo of the young woman with a bag was shared, dedicating her as the brand’s new ambassador.

A nice reward for Zoe after the teasing she suffered, don’t you think?

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