She Is Known As The Most Jealous Woman In The World

Feeling jealous is something a lot of us deal with every day. Maybe we get jealous easily and we have to try to control it, even just a little bit, so it doesn’t take over everything.

Many people are in relationships and have to handle someone who is jealous of that relationship every day. It’s not simple, and it can be uncomfortable, but it can also be amusing when it happens to someone else.

This crazy video shows the woman who is known as the most jealous lady ever! She goes way overboard by making her boyfriend take a lie detector test every time he comes back home, and she won’t even let him watch other women on TV.

Debbi Would and her husband, Steve, were guests on a talk show where they chatted about their connection. Instead of a typical relationship, Debbi had a bunch of rules for Steve to obey.

Jealousy isn’t always bad, and sometimes it can be good in small amounts. But making your husband do a lie detector test every time he gets home is going too far.

Back in 2015, they discussed the situation on This Morning in the UK. She gave her reasons for being jealous, and it sort of made sense.

The woman who is 44 years old mentioned that if you find a great guy, you should hold on to him.

They asked her if she thought she could scare Steve away, but she replied that she didn’t believe she could scare him off even if she wanted to. Steve agreed, saying there was no chance of that happening anytime soon, and added that if he was going to leave, it would have happened already.

He mentioned that Debbi isn’t using the lie detector test as much as she used to. He also talked about how he can’t watch other women on TV and mentioned that he doesn’t mind because he likes football or racing better.

Debbi talked about why some TV shows are not allowed, explaining that if he had a really pretty wife, things would be different. She was worried that he might start thinking about other women in a not-so-nice way.

They appeared on TV once more, talking about how she has Othello Syndrome, a condition that makes a person believe their partner is cheating. It can lead to extreme jealousy, but there are medicines and therapies that can assist.

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