She Is Going To Live In A Boat On The Canal Because They Refuse To Grant Her A Mortgage: “It’s Cheaper”

Not everyone dreams of living in a traditional apartment, and many, even if they want to, cannot afford it. The situation and the wishes of each are extremely subjective and must accommodate the real possibilities available to us, beyond expectations. Some people manage to find alternative solutions that are ideal for them by making the most of the resources available to them. This is the case of a Briton who has lived for years on a 21-meter boat , leading a life that she describes as extraordinary.

Elizabeth Earle , 35-year-old freelance author and illustrator, had no fixed salary and couldn’t get a home loan. So she had an idea that may seem weird to most, but that allowed her to have a place cheaper than a house. “ In 2017, while living in Australia, I met two American brothers who had been living on a sailboat that had been traveling the world for 10 years, creating content and publishing it. asked if I wanted to sail with them from South Africa to Brazil. I accepted,” Elizabeth said. “I figured I could do it. I’ll live on a boat. “

So the woman bought a sailboat with the £8,000 she had in the bank, but it wasn’t enough. To reach the required amount, which was twice her savings, she had to sell everything she owned. ” I moved to the Caribbean, renovated the boat and adopted a stray dog ​​who hated sailing. I had to make a choice between selling the boat and keeping the dog, or parting with the dog and continuing this trip around the world. I chose the dog. ”

Earle sold the boat, returned to England and fell in love with canal boats, buying one for £3,800. “ I restored it for two years, then lived in it for a year before selling it for £22,500. ”

After several misadventures, Elizabeth found what has become her current home, a 1920s boat more than 21 meters long . “I now have a piece of channel history. I bought it from a friend and paid £35,000 in total. His official name is Malvern, but I nicknamed him Maggie because he’s much friendlier. I think the home loan process favors people who have a steady job, a salary guaranteed by an employer, or if you’re in partnership with someone or if you’re married. It does not favor the solo, independent, 30-something artist from the Midlands. “

According to her, the cost of renting in England is too high, inaccessible compared to the time of her parents. “That’s why more and more young people are looking for other ways to live, in a boat, in a van or in a sailboat. I know it may sound silly, but the possibilities are endless. There are a lot of things you you need to live life on the boat. You can choose to be in a marina or live on The Cut – that’s what we’ve nicknamed the canal. You have to move every fortnight, but you live for free. don’t pay rent, we don’t pay anything. It’s a harder way of life, but it requires travelling. “

The only non-trivial expenses Eizabeth has to meet are for the licence, which is around £650 every six months, and £350 every three months for diesel and coal, which costs £8 per month. bag and must be purchased every three days. ” I also pay £100 a year for insurance. If I collide with another boat, I’m covered. If my boat sinks, no. “

For her, life on a boat is much more exciting than an ordinary life : ” I just want to lead an extraordinary life and, if the opportunity arises, find a great place to live, whether it’s a lighthouse, a castle or whatever. ”

What do you think of his choice? Would you like to follow his example?

Source used:

The Sun

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