She Has Recourse To Rhinoplasty, “Like That, My Children Will Have A Beautiful Nose”

Contemporary society is very concerned about appearance. It is precisely for this reason that people try to always look perfect, to eliminate their flaws in every possible way. We no longer accept ourselves as we are, but we tend to eliminate or correct imperfections. Anyone who does not feel comfortable with a part of their body, such as a too thin mouth or a too pronounced nose, instead of accepting it and loving it, tends to modify it.

The young woman in the story we are about to tell decided to have rhinoplasty . She didn’t do it to be more beautiful, but so that her children would inherit a “pretty nose” . Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

Fiorella Ciminello, known on social networks under the pseudonym fioreciminello, is a young woman who posted a video on her profiles showing her nose covered with bandages. This video was accompanied by the following caption: “Here I am having rhinoplasty so that my children can be born with a beautiful nose”. She wanted to change what she considered an imperfection so that her children would not inherit it. Too bad that’s not how genetics works…

It’s unclear whether the purpose of the video was ironic or not. If the goal was humorous, Internet users certainly did not grasp this nuance, since many commented on the video saying that the young woman should return to study genetics , because the only thing certain is that her children will not inherit her new nose.

Many criticized her, not so much for resorting to surgery to change her appearance, but for claiming that the purpose of rhinoplasty was to pass on a nice nose to her future children. Besides the many critical comments, some decided to joke about the situation : “I dyed my hair blonde so that my children would also have blonde hair” or “I never got a tattoo because I don’t want my children are born with tattoos”.

What do you think of this story? Do you think her words were ironic or that she really believed what she was saying?

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