She Goes Viral For Carrying Her Son And Puppy In A Fanny Pack While Shopping

There is no doubt that the love of parents for their children exceeds all imaginable levels, from the moment they hear the news that a new member of the family is on the way, their life changes completely, a love is born in their hearts unconditional, eternal and genuine. Once they are born and we hold them in our arms for the first time, we understand that life has another meaning, that is why we see many responsible parents who decide to be present at every stage and moment of their little ones’ lives and simply do not separate from them, especially if they are still months-old babies, where they require all the attention and care possible.

But all this routine changes when there are not one but two babies at home and this is what happened to this man who had to go to the mall with his baby of a few months and his little puppy who suffers from anxiety, so he left it. Home alone is never an option.

In a fanny pack in front she was carrying her baby, while on her back she was carrying her puppy, as can be seen in the video that her partner shared through her TikTok account.

“I was going through a pet store, I saw this sling bag and I didn’t hesitate, I bought it because I knew it was perfect to take our baby dog ​​with me and here we are, on our first big family outing.” The man commented on his social networks after seeing that his video went viral.

In the clip you can see the man coming down the escalator with his baby on his chest and turning around… surprise! Milo, his dog, appears, who seems very calm and enjoying the walk. The man did not take long to comment on the publication expressing how much he loves his baby and puppy, to which his partner responded.

“All the love and patience that you give us all every day is tireless, you are wonderful my life, we love you.”

As expected, hundreds of users began to leave their messages of admiration for this fighting father, who shows us that when your children really care about you, you always try to be present regardless of whose mother it comes from.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for this man who leaves a wonderful message for the whole world, where he shows that our pets come to our homes to be part of the family and we must take care of them, value them and respect them as equals.

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