She Finds The Wedding Dress Of Her Dreams In A Thrift Store And Decides To Donate It.

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams is not easy, but sometimes you find it at a time in life when marriage is the last thing on your mind. What to do in this case? Admire it with enthusiasm and a veil of regret, try it on pretending to be near the altar or buy it anyway? A famous influencer decided not to leave it in the store and take it home, with the aim of not using it for herself but to offer it to one of her followers.

Ophelia Nichols , 41, from Alabama, is known on social networks because of the tragic episode in her life, namely the disappearance of her son. The woman, however, decided to respond to this grief by spreading peace and harmony, speaking to her followers every day to tell them about the importance of kindness. Ophelia is not content with words, however, but values ​​them with deeds, even on her small scale. In one of her shares, she explains that she went to a thrift store and found a fabulous wedding dress there for only 50 dollars. Believing that it was a great deal and that it was the dress she had always dreamed of for her wedding, she decided to buy it anyway and give it to someone who was about to walk down the aisle.

The influencer, who has always been motherly with her users, trying to comfort them – earning her the nickname Mama Tot – informed them of her purchase and her intention to gift it. She then showed the wedding dress worn by her and explained that the brand is the luxurious Ramona Keveža: on the original tag, the price was $4,819 . This brand’s more modern collection offers wedding dresses starting at around $3,500.

A real bargain, then, so much so that the woman tries to explain the real value of the dress to the seller. But he continued to want to sell it to him for only 50 dollars. “I cried when I tried it on because I would have given anything to have it years ago when I got married, and I know it would mean something to any of you. “, said Ophelia. “Of course I could get it cleaned up and sell it on eBay, but no, I want someone to have this experience that I haven’t had the chance to have.”

Pulling herself together after putting on the dress, she exclaimed, “It’s amazing. This is the dress I would have married in. I’m speechless.” Ophelia added that she would rather gift it to someone who lives in the same area as her, so they can try it on before taking it away and make sure it looks good on them. Internet users, meanwhile, encouraged her to keep it for herself, since it suits her so well, or to use it to renew her wedding vows with her husband Derick.

She had a very nice thought for her followers, don’t you think?

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