She Doesn’t Buy Toilet Paper And Her Guests Have To Use The Bidet: “They Complain, But I Save Money”

Saving is a real art, and not everyone is able to figure out how to achieve it. First of all, it is necessary to understand what expenses and superfluous elements can be sacrificed, after which it is necessary to go to reduce unnecessary costs. In this way, we can limit all this wasted money and have a real windfall.

The woman in the story that we are going to tell has managed to eliminate from her life a product considered essential for everyone: toilet paper . Instead, she only uses the bidet, and this way she saves money.


Her name is Allie, and she is known on social media as lovegood_allie. On her Tik ToK page, she shares videos where she shows her daily life. In one such video, she revealed something that puzzled users, that if you went to her house, you wouldn’t find toilet paper, because she doesn’t use any. According to her, it is a product that you can do without, just use the bidet instead . This way you can also save a lot of money.


“Once it happened that one of my guests had to go to the bathroom, but when he came in he asked me where the toilet paper was, I told him that there was none and that he had to use the bidet instead. I told him that toilet paper is full of chemicals, so I explained to him how the bidet works, that all he had to do was use the button to adjust the water jet. However, my friend asked me for handkerchiefs or napkins: I replied that I had none. In this way, I save a lot of money .”


The issue seems to be close to many people’s hearts, as many have commented on it, saying that even though it saves money, one should always have toilet paper at home. “However, you should always warn people of your way of thinking, it’s not pleasant to be caught off guard”, “it’s not funny to know that there is only the bidet to wipe” or, again, “even if you have a bidet, you should also have toilet paper”.

What do you think of her choice, is it correct or do you think she better plan another solution for her guests?

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