She Decides To Live In Her Car: “Not Paying Rent And Living In Different Places Is Great”

The common dream of many people is to always be on the road. In this way, one can get to know cultures and traditions, discover unknown and exciting places. Many wish to make their life an adventure, to wake up in a different place every day, to get up in the morning and see a different landscape each time.

All this was also the dream of this girl who, tired of having to spend her life juggling between work and incessant expenses, decided to change her life. So, she made her car her home and started traveling the world .


Her name is Nikita Crump, a 31-year-old woman who made a really brave choice. Tired of her routine made up only of professional commitments and expenses, she wanted to change her life. She bought a car, a 2012 Honda Civic, and made it her home.

Before embarking on this adventure, she spent almost all her salary to pay the rent. But now she has managed to achieve economic stability. “I can’t imagine going back and paying for the house. This new life made me realize how much I didn’t like the old one.”


Before, Nikita had to work two jobs to support herself, but then she quit her job, started traveling and sharing her daily adventures on social media. And this is his new profession. “Before, I had to work hard, I was very careful about what I bought, but above all I had to save money. This period was very tiring, fortunately it is over.”


She dumped everything, put her electronics, outdoor gear (camping tent), toiletries and a bucket in the trunk of her car. From time to time, she visits a friend, washes up in gyms and every evening looks for a new place to spend the night. “Since I moved to my car, my life has improved. Of course, I face new challenges every day, but thanks to this experience, my existence has become much better . Everything certainly costs me much less expensive than rent.”

Nikita’s choice was difficult, but she didn’t think for a second before embarking on this adventure.

Would you have made the same decision as her?

Source used:

 Daily mail

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