She Chose Not To Have Children And At 52 She Is Still Happy: “Freedom To Follow My Dreams”

“I think that children and motherhood are incredible, but they are not for me despite what they say”

When one thinks of marriage, we automatically think of motherhood and family. The married couple is supposed to have children , but this is not always the case. There are people who simply want to live their lives freely, with no other responsibility than to work and earn money to waste it as an independent adult with very insane tastes .

This is just the case of Jessica Hawk-Ippolito, a 52-year -old woman who claims to have a spectacular life thanks to the fact that she decided never to have children.

She shares that it is something she has known since she was a child. She was never interested in playing with dolls, since she didn’t like the game of “having to take care of babies like moms”.

And that is how in his adolescence he made his decision and when he went out with boys he warned them about his ideals.

When she got engaged, many people asked her about this, thinking that perhaps marriage would change her mind.

“People always said I would change my mind. And even on my wedding day someone asked me when I’m going to have babies, but it’s my choice not to have them and it’s a deliberate choice. I have had so much freedom to pursue my dreams. I think children and motherhood are amazing, but they are not for me despite what anyone says.”

–Jessica Hawk-Ippolito commented to SWNS–

But Jessica chose a man with whom she shares the same thought: neither of them wanted to have children despite the insistence of other people.

Unfortunately they are currently divorced , but this situation only makes her feel even happier that they didn’t have babies. Thanks to her decision, she was able to dedicate herself to traveling without feeling guilty or avoiding any responsibility.

Jessica is an international teacher and tutor from Glassboro , thus managing to teach children from all over the world: “I have had so many incredible experiences and I have not had to think of anyone but myself, so I have been able to take advantage of the opportunity,” she commented. about.

Many have told her that in her old age she will have no one to take care of her, but that is a minor concern, she does not want to bring children into the world just to be a responsibility. “I have lived more than half a century in this world and nothing will change my mind. I’m happy I didn’t have children.”

If for her it also worked for you if you want it. Don’t worry about social pressure, in the end having children is NOT an obligation.

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