She Buys An Old Caravan And Transforms It Into The Perfect Home To Spend Her Old Age

Investing fully in the realization of projects keeps the spirit young and increases self-esteem. Michelle J. Boyle spent fifteen months fulfilling the dream of a lifetime: since the age of 12, she always dreamed of one day having a little refuge all to herself, where she really felt at home.

Here’s what she did…

She called her little refuge ‘The Empty Nest’, just like her blog.

She spent money and energy so that the result was as close as possible to that of her dreams.

Some work is still to be completed, but we can say that she has already completed almost all of her project.

The shelter means a lot to her: once the children are gone, she will need a warm and welcoming place to release her stress.

The realization of the project gave him all the advantages of a goal achieved. Now she feels stronger and more confident.

She considers it a personal place, very private, to be shared only with the most intimate friends.

In fact, her project had the approval and support of everyone closest to her.

The house contains many objects that refer to a more positive outlook on life.

The house is almost finished, but Michelle is not yet ready to move: she prefers to take the time to finish the last details.

She writes that this house makes her never feel alone, even if her children are not there.

The future of this mother promises full of joy, love and peace. His dream is finally coming true.

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