Scientists Claim People Who Are Annoyed by Chewing Sounds Are Smarter and More Creative Than Others!

There is always a person who likes to chew their food obnoxiously. They won’t mind it if it will bother others or not, they do not understand it. Moreover, the sounds these people make while eating their food are hardly audible, you can’t stand it.

Also, this is not only about chewing. Whether you are annoyed by chewing, slurping, or babies crying, you may be a genius. Researchers have found out that people that are generally more disturbed by the sounds around them are more intelligent compared to others. That’s why you should not worry in case you’re more annoyed compared to other people when hearing strange noises. If you aren’t able to focus on what you’re doing, it may indicate that you’re more creative, as well. These minor sounds will be an issue for you to concentrate on your work.

Misophonia is a name given to people who are annoyed by the sounds like chewing. In addition, researchers have found out that nearly 20% of people suffer from this condition. This that makes them highly attentive to specific noises such as people slurping, chewing, and so on. Furthermore, they hear sounds in their surrounding that 80% of people could not even notice. It irritates them when they can hear certain sounds that the remaining 80% of the world does not even notice.

Some studies that have been carried out at Northwestern University, has shown that those suffering from this condition had a greater chance of being a creative genius. They’re better at grasping things as well as feeding their brain with more fodder to work overtime. They can be easily adjusted to anything.

The bad news is that these people often struggle when they have to work in a loud environment.

Therefore, make sure the next time you are annoyed by your slurping girlfriend or boyfriend, tell them about this.

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