Science Reveals 7 Hobbies That Make You Smarter.

Humans always believed through several centuries that talents are god-gifted.  There is a general perception that we can’t do much to enhance our intelligence. Hobbies are integral parts of our lives, and once developed, we find ourselves in them on a regular basis. We love to follow our hobby daily. Hobbies are fun and invigorating- and they can also have a great influence on our intelligence and helps us to gain knowledge.

We have gathered 7 hobbies that increase your IQ, proved by science

#1. Play a musical instrument.

Music has a magical combination with human hearts. It helps to invoke complex emotions and psychological states. Many researchers have found out that we can increase our memory power by listening to music and also by playing a musical instrument.

Music is a kind of medicine that produces a kind of pleasure which a human nature can’t do without. Researches have proved that music stimulates our brain and has also said that we can fine-tune our intelligence and argument our capability through music.

It also says that by playing musical instruments and learning it for some time teaches your patience and perseverance as it takes time and effort to study it thoroughly.

#2. Read voraciously.

Reading is a very good hobby to have. It helps us in various ways.  Reading mainly helps to increase our intelligence level.  Fictions, biographies, and anthologies helps us in gaining and collecting knowledge. Reading also helps us to reduce stress and also makes you feel better with yourself. It is one of the most important foundations for positive wellbeing. Reading also helps you to experience multiple emotions at once.

Reading helps a person to full fill in many ways. It enhances your knowledge on many subjects.  Reading books gives you a very productive outcome. It helps us to overcome the challenges and achieve our goals.  It has been proved that reading fiction is not only for fun, most of successful individuals, also read lots of fiction.

#3. Meditate regularly.

The foremost benefit of meditation is to help you focus on yourself and to get you to know your true self. Being engrossed in meditation helps individuals transcend to a higher state of being.

Meditation helps us to identify the person within ourselves. It helps to focus deeply about stuffs that we can’t identify without meditating.  It helps us to have a calm and peaceful mind. Meditation also helps us to reduce stress levels and get rid of all kinds of issues. Through mediation we can learn, think and plan things in a very effective way.

Regular meditation helps you to have full control over yourself. Being aware of distractions and effective methods of self-control are of the utmost significance when working to improve your intelligence.

#4. Work out your brain.

Most of them only think about their body. They only try to maintain their body and stay fit, but not only your body but your brain also needs a workout to keep it in good shape.  It helps to enhance the abilities and helps to keep our brain sharply.

We can work out our brain by playing plenty of games, such as Sudoku, Puzzles, Board games, and riddles. These activities help to connect and form new connections.  Responding in creative ways is also one thing you learn through these brain workouts. You also see various things in different perspectives which makes you more productive.

#5. Exercise often.

Exercising often helps you to have a healthy brain. Brain also acts a muscle in the body. Regular exercise helps us to have regular functioning in the body.  It reduces all the tension and helps us to get a peaceful sleep.

Various studies have shown by researches on mice and humans, that, new brain cells can be created through cardiovascular exercises. Doctors to agree that better blood circulation to the brain means increased brain functions. Overall it improves brain performance.

#6. Learn a new language.

It’s very good if you can learn a new language. Learning a new language is not an easy task, but if you can do it you will surely have numerous advantages. It also makes you smarter.

You can enhance your intelligence and brain health by involving tasks such as analyzing grammatical structures and learning new words. Some experiments have shown us that people with high levels of verbal-linguistic intelligence are very good at planning, decision-making, and problem-solving.


Write your feelings down.

There are tons of benefits that you can receive from writing, including increasing your overall level of intelligence. Writing helps us to improve our linguistic abilities and also helps to develop skills such as focus, creativity, imagination, and comprehension.

Writers are often considered as having a very high level of intelligence. You can write things in different ways. Every person seems several things in various ways. Each and every person has their own perspectives. You can write things with your hand, diary or you can create your own blog. Whatever you do, you are giving words to the images in your mind; learning to express yourself clearly is a great way to boost your intelligence and is a very best stress relief.

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