School Prohibits Child From Enrolling Because He Has Long Hair: Father Intervenes

Each school establishes rules that each pupil and each teacher must respect, on pain of more or less serious measures. Compliance with the prohibitions and rules to be followed is fundamental for the balance of roles and the proper functioning of the school institution, but in some cases parents decide to intervene, protest and publicly denounce the countermeasures taken. against their children. That’s exactly what a Mexican father did when his son was banned from enrollment because his hair was too long .

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Jesús Maldonado, father of student Jesús, does not agree and has decided to defend the rights of his son, deprived of school registration due to his hair being too long, which therefore resembles that of ‘a girl. The facts happened in a primary school in Mexico, where the child was supposed to enter.

Mr. Maldonado intends to take legal action so that his son can continue his studies and not lose the year. ” They explained to me that because my son has a girl’s hair and it’s against the rules, he can’t get the same treatment as the others just because of his appearance,” said the man.

Araceli Loeza, spokesperson for the establishment, specifies that the rules of procedure provide for this clause and that it was accepted and signed by the parents of the student upon admission. The document therefore specifies that students must present themselves with short hair and respect the required dress codes . ” We have a school with discipline, a coexistence pact that we sign with the parents. “

Pixabay-Not the actual photo

However, in order to prevent discriminatory acts , the Council of State announced the existence of a document stipulating that “admission to schools cannot be prohibited because of the color of the hair, the cut or the attire”. For the moment, Jesús’ parents have obtained that their son can continue to attend classes on a temporary basis, while waiting for the situation to be definitively clarified.

What do you think of the “old-fashioned” rules of this school? Do you find it fair to exclude a student because he does not respect the aesthetic aspect required or is it exaggerated?

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