As This Dog is scared to go up escalator His owner Carries Him Up Like A Baby

Pets are just like children. It’s our responsibility to make sure they feel safe just like raising kids.

The pets get scared of everyday things sometimes. A dog is not afraid of intruders, but in one minute they can be terrified by thunder.

You will see how far owners will go to take care of their pets when they’re feeling frightened with this video.

A man is walking in a shopping mall with his golden retriever. And when the man tries to go up the escalator, his dog doesn’t want to go.

The dog was really scared of the machine.

The man has another idea instead of dragging the dog onto the escalator, or just giving up going to the next floor.

He picks the dog up like a baby and carries him to upstairs.

Even though other people in the mall gave some puzzled looks he clearly doesn’t care: the man happily carries his buddy all the way up.

The dog was pretty safe and happy in his owner’s arms and the fear it had going up the escalator have clearly vanished.

Watch the video below:

It’s amazing to see how people love their dogs. Thank this man for being so thoughtful in helping his friend.

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